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Are you unable to access Outlook due to PST file corruption? If yes, then don’t worry. You can easily fix Outlook files and can regain all lost data like emails, calendar items, RSS feeds, deleted items etc using any professional Outlook problems fixer. Usually Outlook files may get corrupted due to various reasons like virus threats, file system error, accidental deletion of Outlook supporting files etc. No problem how your Outlook files got corrupted because you can easily fix those problems by using fix Outlook PST tool at your fingertips.

This tool comprises of effective built-in algorithms which gives cent percent indemnity of fixing all problems of Outlook files which is raised due to any reasons. It is capable of regaining PST data which is lost due to PST file corruption. PST data like inbox, Outlook settings, RSS feeds etc can be reclaimed by this tool. This tool supports all versions of Outlook including Outlook 2007, Outlook 2008 and Outlook 2010 etc.

Various reasons behind corruption of Outlook files are:

  • Virus attacks: If your Outlook installed PC is contaminated with virus threats due to sharing virus infected data from other PC or downloading virus contained data etc. then which results in corruption of PST files or PST data may get deleted. So, always scan your system and have updated antivirus tool.
  • File system error: Usually file system error occurs due to file system corruption which happens due to virus threats, accidental deletion of file system files etc. Once your file is corrupted which corrupts other files in system including Outlook files resulting in inaccessible outlook application.
  • Oversized PST file: In each version of Outlook application have different PST file size. In case your PST file is oversized which leads to corruption of PST file and there is a possibility of deletion of PST data. So, keep back up of PST file data and deletes unwanted data regularly.

Generally Outlook file corruption and deletion PST file data which may happens in all Outlook users due to above mentioned reasons. Don’t panic after corruption of Outlook files which can be easily repaired by this efficient tool. This tool can easily fix Outlook files after corrupted due to above mentioned reasons and supports fixing of Outlook files on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 8 etc. With this application, you can easily regain Outlook deleted emails, RSS feeds, appoints etc. on any version of Outlook application.

This tool creates a new PST file while fixing corrupted PST file and supports fixing PST file from any devices like USB drives, hard disk, external hard disk etc. Moreover, it facilitates you to save fixed PST file to any storage devices like CD/DVD, USB drives etc. For more information about this tool, you can go visit In addition, you can evaluate efficiency of fixing PST file using demo version which is freely available in websites. If you are satisfied with obtained results then buy full version to save fixed PST file to your disk.


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Follow simple steps to fix Outlook files:


Step 1: Download this trial version tool and install on PC successfully. Main screen appears with three options after running the tool. In that, you choose suitable option and continue to next step as shown in figure 1.


Outlook File Fixer - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen


Step 2: Select suitable scan option based on severity of PST file corruption and browse destination path to save repaired Outlook file and click on Repair button as shown in figure 2.


Outlook File Fixer - Select Normal Scan and Destination Location

Figure 2 : Select Normal Scan and Destination Location


Step 3: After finishing scanning process completely, you will get new healthy Outlook file with all previous data as shown in figure 3. If you are happy with the obtained results by demo version then buy full version to save healthy Outlook file to your disk.


Outlook File Fixer - Repaired Outlook File Data

Figure 3 : Repaired Outlook File Data


download recover outlook pst software   Buy recover outlook pst software   

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