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The pst file can be considered as a database that stores all the email related data. It stores indexes that point to each item that present on Outlook. When we delete an email that we have received, it is sent to the Deleted Items folder. The user can therefore access the deleted emails from this folder if he has not emptied the Deleted Items folder. When you delete an item from the Deleted Items folder, the item is not actually deleted, but only the items listing from the index is deleted. Since the pointer to the specific item is deleted, Outlook is unable to access that specific item. The space peviously occupied by the item is now marked as free space.


The deleted data is not erased permanently unless you decide to archive the pst file. When you archive or compact your Outlook folders, the deleted items are removed, and the free space within the pst file is reclaimed, which eventually reduces its size. Having too many items in the Deleted Items folder results in Outlook compacting the folders, causing permanent loss of confidential and important emails along with other important Outlook data.


Loss of emails and other important Outlook data in this form could prove to be costly in the case of an individual as well as an organization. When you face such a situation, it is important to stay calm and make use of an Outlook recovery software to rescue the accidentally deleted emails from Outlook. The software to repair PST file lets you recover deleted and lost emails from all versions of Outlook. This software supports recovery of password protected pst files and is also capable of repairing corrupt pst files. This software will bring back data from PST file lost due to PST header file corruption, usage of third party tool, etc. You can also log on to "" to visit homepage.


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Whatsoever be the reason for losing emails from Outlook, solution is only one i.e. Outlook recovery software. Industry experts recommended this software as the best application to recover deleted emails from MS Outlook. Moreover, you can also use this software to restore inbox in Outlook at your fingertips.

You can follow the steps given below to repair the corrupted pst file,

Step 1: Start the recover Outlook pst application, either by double clicking the desktop shortcut, or by using the Start Menu>Programs option. The Main window pops up, as shown in Figure a. There are three options that are displayed namely, "Open pst File", "Find pst File" and "Select Outlook Profile".


Recover Outlook pst - Home Screen

Figure a : Main Window


Step 2:If you know the exact location of your pst file select the "Open pst File" option. If you do not where the pst file is located and want to search for it, select the "Find pst File" option. To recover deleted emails from the pst file based on the different profiles in Outlook, click on "Select Outlook Profile" option.


Step 3: Select the"Open pst File" option from the Main window. From the new window, select the pst file from which deleted emails have to be recovered, using the "Browse" button, and click on "Next" as shown in Figure b


Recover Outllok pst - Select pst file

Figure b : Select pst File


Note: If you click the "Find pst File" option, select the logical drive on which the pst file is located and search for it. If you have clicked on the "Select Outlook Profile" option, select the appropriate Outlook profile from the ones listed and recover deleted emails from the pst file.


Step 4: A new window is displayed, where you have the option to select the scan type and the destination path to save the recovered pst file. Select the "Normal Scan" option, specify the destination path and click on "Repair" as shown in Figure c. You can also make use of the "Smart Scan" option if the pst file has been damaged extensively


Recover Outlook pst - Select Scan method and destination drive

Figure c : Select Scan Option and Destination Path


Step 5: Once you click on the "Repair" button, the software repairs the selected pst file, and recovers all the deleted emails into a new pst file in the selected destination path. The restored .pst file is similar to the original pst file. All the recovered data can be viewed as shown in Figure d.


Recover Outlook pst - Recovered Outlook data

Figure d : View Recovered Outlook Data


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