Recover Outlook PST

Retain lost Calendar Appointment entries from Outlook

Outlook provides a Calendar feature, whereby users can manage time efficiently, and keep track of the various appointments that the user has over a day, week or month. This is very similar to maintaining a paper based appointment book, but in the digital form. In Outlook, the Calendar is by default displayed in the Day, Week, Month format, with a list of the daily appointments displayed on an hour by hour basis, for the particular day that is selected.


The calendar lets you create appointments for a particular day by setting the date of the appointment, and also by specifying the Start time and End time of the particular appointment. This way, the user gets to know how busy he is going to be on a particular day and also the specific time of the day during which he is going to be busy. The appointments option also provides the user with three different views i.e. the Day, Week and Month views. The user can also set priority for each of the appointments by indicating the appointments as Low, Medium and High. These views help the user to get a better idea of the daily events.


The appointment feature is very useful, since it lets a person organize his daily appointments in an organized manner. This data is therefore important, and losing this data could mean that the user will have to redo the whole process once again. However if these appointment entries are lost, the best way to get it back is by the use of a good pst recovery software. MS Outlook PST file repair software can not only rescue your lost calendar appointment entries, but can also regain deleted/lost emails and fix corrupt PST files. To learn more regarding rescuing of deleted emails log on to


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There are many other reasons that causes loss of Calendar itmes from Outlook, to solve all these problems just use this advance PST recovery software. This software is designed with a simple user interface so that even a novice user can recover lost calendar items from Outlook without facing any complications. In addition, this software also facilitates user to retrieve inbox in Outlook in couple of mouse clicks.

You can follow the steps given below to repair the corrupted PST file,

Step 1: Double click the shortcut on the desktop, or select the icon present in the Programs list of the Start Menu to launch Recover Outlook pst software. The Main window is displayed, as shown in Figure a. Three options are displayed on the Main window namely, "Open pst File", "Find pst File" and "Select Outlook Profile".


Outlook Mail Recovery - Main Screen

Figure a : Main Window


Step 2: To select a particular pst file whose location is known and recover data from it click "Open pst File" option. To search for a pst file in a particule drive / partition and recover Outlook data from it click on the "Find pst File" option. To select a pst file based on the Outlook profiles click the "Select Outlook Profile" option


Step 3: Click on "Select Outlook Profile" from the options that are available. A new window displays all the pst files along with the Outlook Profile to which each of them is associated, as shown in Figure b. Select the pst file from which you need to recover Outlook Calendar Appointments and click on "Next"


utlook Mail Recovery - Select pst file

Figure b : Select pst FIle


Note: Select the drive / partition on which the pst file is located and click "Find" to find the pst file if you have selected the "Find pst File" option. If you have clicked "Open pst File" option, click on "Browse" and select the appropriate pst file.


Step 4: A new window where you have the option to select the scan type and the destination path to save the repaired pst file is displayed once you click "Next". Select the "Normal Scan" option, select the destination path and click on "Repair" as shown in Figure c. Use the "Smart Scan" option if the pst file has been damaged extensively and "Normal Scan" is unable to give the desired results


Outlook Mail Recovery - Select Scan option and destiantion location

Figure c : Select Scan Option and Destination Path


Step 5: Once you click the "Repair" button the software starts the repair process. The software repairs the selected pst file, and recovers all the Outlook data including Outlook Calendar Appointments into a new pst file and saves it in the selected destination path. All the recovered data can be viewed as shown in Figure d.


Outlook mail Recovery - Recovered Outlook data

Figure d : Recovered Outlook Data


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