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Repair corrupted PST file

Personal Storage Folders better known as PST files are responsible for storage of all your Outlook data like sent, received, deleted emails and also other Outlook data. This PST file is often prone to corruption due to various reasons like virus attacks, malware, corruption due to an oversized PST file etc. Once this PST file gets corrupted, all the data present on it becomes inaccessible and there is a high chance of data present on the PST file getting deleted permanently. Under these circumstances we need the help of a PST recovery software.


There are two different approaches to email recovery. The method that is to be used for recovery depends on the severity of the damage to the PST file. If there is minimal corruption of the PST file, the in-built email recovery tool called Scanpst can be used for fixing the corrupted PST file. Scanpst.exe requires the user to locate the corrupted PST file manually, and is not very effective in case of severely damaged PST files. This powerful software will easily repair Outlook mailbox to rescue Outlook data lost due to improper exit of Outlook, virus attacks, sudden system shutdown while accessing Outlook, etc. To know more regarding rescuing mails visit at


If the damage to the PST file is extensive, it is always best to make use of a PST recovery software for fixing the corrupted PST file. Recover Outlook PST software is an effective PST recovery tool that can not only fix corrupted pst files, but also reclaim lost and deleted emails from your Outlook. It can also restore erased emails from OST file when OST file gets corrupted due to some reason. This PST recovery software not only rescue emails but also other Outlook data like folders, appointments, contacts, tasks, journals etc. It can also be used to fix archive PST file Outlook 2010, in case it gets corrupted due to Outlook crash or incorrect system shutdown that to in few clicks of mouse.


Your Outlook PST file also gets corrupted when you improperly exit the Outlook application. Such case also arises when your Outlook application terminated due to abrupt system shutdown because of improper power supply. This sudden termination of Outlook application corrupts the PST file due which your Outlook profile refuses to open and cause huge data loss to the user. In this miserable situation, make use of this software to fix corrupt PST file and easily bring back deleted items of Outlook with utmost ease.

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You can follow the steps given below to repair the corrupted pst file:


Step 1: Launch Recover Outlook pst software, by selecting the launch icon from the Programs list in the Start Menu or by double clicking the desktop shortcut. The user can choose from the three different options displayed on the Main Screen namely, "Open pst File", "Find pst File" and "Select Outlook Profile" as shown in Image 1


Recover Outlook pst - Main Screen

Image 1: Main Screen


Step 2: Based on your requirement select the appropriate option as follows,

  • Click on "Open pst File" option if you know the exact location of your pst file.
  • If you do not where the pst file is located and want to search for it, select the "Find pst File" option.
  • To repair a corrupted pst file based on the different profiles in Outlook, click on "Select Outlook Profile" option.


Step 3: Select the"Open pst File" option from three options available. From the new window, use the "Browse" button to browse and select the corrupted pst file which is to be repaired, and click on "Next" as shown in Image 2


Select pst file - Screen

Image 2 : Select pst File


Note: If you have selected the "Find pst File" option, search for the corrupted pst file by selecting the drive / partition on which it is located and clicking "Find". If you have clicked "Select Outlook Profile" option, select the appropriate Outlook profile from the ones that are listed and repair the corrupted pst file.


Step 4: Once you click "Next" a new window is displayed, where you can select the scan type and the destination path to save the repaired pst file. Select the "Normal Scan" option, select the destination path and click on "Repair" as shown in Image 3. You can also make use of the "Smart Scan" option if the pst file has been damaged extensively


Select Scan method and destination location - Screen

Image 3 : Select Normal Scan and Destination Location


Step 5: Clicking the "Repair" button starts the repair process. The software repairs the selected pst file, and recovers all the Outlook data into a new pst file and saves it in the selected destination path. The repaired pst file is similar to the original pst file. All the recovered data can be viewed as shown in Image 4.


Recovered Outlook data - Screen

Image 4 : Recovered Outlook Data


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