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Repair Outlook 2007 PST file

Outlook 2007 though not very different from its predecessor, has some significant features that make it better than the previous versions of Outlook. The interface is almost the same as it is in Outlook 2003. Except for some changes in the cosmetics in the Menu Bar, there are no noticeable changes in the view. There is however a new To-Do bar that has been added alongside the messages. This feature was absent in older versions of Outlook.


However, one of the main attractions of Outlook 2007 is the Search feature. Unlike in Outlook 2003 and older versions, where you had to enter the search term and wait for the entire search process to get completed, Outlook 2007 lets you refine your search, by letting you specify the search criteria. Not only this, the search process commences as soon as you enter the keyword that you want to search. The keyword that you are searching for also gets highlighted in the listed data.


Another key feature of Outlook 2007 is the categorizing feature. Unlike in Outlook 2003 where each item could be assigned different categories, Outlook 2007 lets you combine the features of categories and colors. You can now use a combination of categories and colors and assign it to each of the messages thereby making it easy to manage the items in Outlook. For queries on deleted Outlook items log on to


These advanced features and better technicalities have definitely increased the number of Outlook users, but at the same time there has been an increase in the number of instances of PST corruption. Once the PST file gets corrupted there are chances of the data present in the file getting erased permanently. PST file may be corrupted due to many reasons like oversize, when the data stored in it crosses the standard limit it gets corrupted. Sharing of PST file on an untrusted network may lead to unreachable PST file. Your PST file may even get corrupted due to virus attack, it might happen that with the attachments in Outlook some virus content may enter into your system and may damage your data which may include your PST file.

Once the PST file gets corrupted it makes all your Outlook data inaccessible to use. Whether it may be your contacts, emails, tasks, journal etc. To avoid this, it is better to make use of a PST recovery software, once you realize that the PST file has been corrupted. Recover Outlook PST software is a professional PST repair and email recovery software. It can be comfortably utilized to fix archive PST file that gets damaged as a result of virus intrusion or improper Outlook termination. Software can be use to get back data from Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and other new versions of the Outlook with utmost ease.


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You can follow the steps given below to repair the corrupted PST file,


Step 1: Double click the shortcut on the desktop, to launch Recover Outlook pst software. The Main window pops up as shown in Figure 1. Three different options i.e., "Open pst File", "Find pst File" and "Select Outlook Profile" are displayed on the Main window.


Recover Outlook pst - Main Window

Figure 1 : Main Window


Step 2: To select and repair a pst file whose location is known click "Open pst File" option. To search for a pst file whose location is not known to you, click on the "Find pst File" option. To select a pst file based on the Outlook profiles click the "Select Outlook Profile" option


Step 3: Click the "Select Outlook Profile" option from the options available on the Main window. A new window displays all the Outlook profiles along with the pst files associated with each of them, as shown in Figure 2. Select the pst which you need to repair and click on "Next"


Recover Outlook pst - Select pst file

Figure 2 : Select pst File


Note: Select the drive / partition on which the Outlook 2007 pst file is located and click "Find" to search for the pst file if you selected the "Find pst File" option. If you clicked the "Open pst File" option, click "Browse" and select the appropriate pst file.


Step 4: Once you click "Next", a new window is displayed where you need to select the scan type and the destination path to save the repaired pst file. Select the "Normal Scan" option, select the destination path and then click on "Repair" as shown in Figure 3. If the pst file has been damaged extensively or "Normal Scan" is unable to give the desired results, use the "Smart Scan" option


Recover Outlook pst - Select Scan option and Destination location

Figure 3 : Select Scan Option and Destination Location


Step 5: Once you click the "Repair" button the software starts the repair process. The software repairs the selected Outlook 2007 pst file, and recovers all the Outlook data onto a new pst file and saves it in the selected destination path. All the recovered Outlook data can be viewed as shown in Figure 4.


Recover Outlook pst - Recovered Outlook data

Figure 4 : Recovered Outlook data


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