Recover Outlook PST

How to Fix Outlook 2010 PST file

Outlook 2010 is the latest version of MS Outlook which is released with various advanced and interactive features. Compare to its predecessors, Outlook 2010 is integrated with various significant features and upgrades. This makes most of the users to migrate from previous version of Outlook to Outlook 2010.


Outlook 2010 released with redefined search option which helps to easily fetch the required data through huge amount of data. Enhanced search option lets you to quickly find the required information. Unlike its predecessors which has 2GB to 20GB PST File , Outlook 2010 has 50GB PST file which facilitates you to store huge amount of data in your Outlook profile.


With the help of Outlook 2010 users can create email messages in more attractive way. You can grab your recipient attention by compelling emails with built-in Smart Art graphics, Office Themes and styles. You can make your Outlook 2010 as your hub for friends, family members and colleagues to stay connected. Using Outlook Social Connector you can get additional information about people, mutual friends and other information.


Even though Outlook 2010 is an advanced and efficient version compared to its predecessors, corruption of PST file is not eradicated. However the size of PST file is increased to avoid the corruption due to exceeding in its size but there are many other reasons for PST file to get corrupt like virus infection, improper termination of Outlook, compacting operation, etc and it’s a known fact that damaged PST file freezes Outlook access which results in losing Outlook data. To solve this problem and fix corrupt PST file, make use of this software which fix the damaged Outlook PST file and restore deleted items from Outlook in just few simple clicks. With the help of this utility you can repair Outlook Mailbox to get back Outlook data such as email messages, contacts, RSS feed sheets, etc.


In case if your PST file get corrupt and end up with losing important data, make use of a good utility to rescue PST file. They will scan the corrupt pst file, extract data and create a new PST file with extracted data which you can easily import to your Outlook profile. Repair Outlook (pst) is one such advanced pst repair tool which facilitates you to fix your damaged PST files and rescue data. One of the major advantage of this tool is it treats your corrupt PST file as read-only and never harm the original file at fixing. The software has the ability to bring back deleted emails from Outlook OST file when it is damaged due to some reason. To know more details log on to

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You can follow the steps given below to repair Outlook 2010 pst file


Step 1: Install Repair Outlook (.pst) and launch it using desktop icon or from start menu list. Welcome window pops up as shown in fig 1.


Recover Repair Outlook 2010 pst - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen


Step 2: If you know the location of pst file that you want to repair then click on "Open pst File", else click on "Find pst File" to search for it. If you select Open pst File then click on "Browse" button to select the pst file else click on "Find" to search. Once you have located and selected the pst file that you wish to repair, click on "Next", you will get two different scanning option as shown in fig 2.


Recover Repair Outlook 2010 pst - Select Scan Type and Destination location

Figure 2 : Select Scan Type and Destination Location


Step 3: Select the desired scanning option and set the destination path where you want to store the new pst file by clicking "Browse" button. Once you are done with it, click on "Repair". Software starts scanning the selected pst file and displays the list of recovered items as shown in fig 3.


Recover Repair Outlook 2010 pst - Recovered data

Figure 3 : Recovered Outlook Data


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