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Troubleshooting common Outlook errors

Microsoft Outlook is no doubt a very helpful email client, due to its ease of use, and the variety of features that are part of it. But there are times when Outlook throws up some errors, and the user is left confused as to what he has to do next, to solve the problem. In most cases, the problem can be solved by creating a new profile, and making use of the new profile for further usage in Outlook. You can also solve majority of the problem by deleting the custom toolbars file and the Send and Receive settings file, i.e. the .dat and the .srs files.


It is always better and safer to make use of the safe switch to start Outlook. This avoids problems that arise out of add-ins or files. You can use safe switch by typing "outlook.exe/safe" in the command prompt. You can also rename the pst and ost files if you suspect that these files have got corrupted. It is also recommended that you type the path of the file that you want to access in Outlook, in the address bar of the browser. There are instances in the case of Windows XP, when the Outlook folders are hidden from the user. It is recommended that you make changes to the settings to make the hidden folders visible.


Despite these troubleshooting methods, there are instances when PST file gets corrupted. In such a situation it is essential to make use of an Outlook recovery software to avoid losing important and confidential emails. Software lets you to rescue lost and deleted emails from Outlook. The software helps you to get back large attachments along with the deleted emails. The software also fixes corrupted PST files. It performs a complete scan of the corrupted PST file and extract all the data and copies it into a new healthy PST file. Before moving ahead with the software ability, we need to understand what are the scenarios in which PST file gets inaccessible. You can also visit at for calendar data rescue.


There are numerous reasons for PST file to get inaccessible, but the most common reason among all is corruption of PST file due to oversize. Due to continuous use of Outlook profile for sending and receiving mails size of PST file goes on increasing and finally result in corruption, because PST file comes with a standard storage limit above which it gets corrupted. Virus attack is the second most possible reason for PST file corruption, migration of PST file from one version to another may be a reason. No need to worry software can fix severely corrupted PST file in just a couple minutes and brings back Outlook attributes like emails, contacts, task, calendar entries etc., in just few simple clicks of the mouse.

Steps to Troubleshoot Outlook Errors:

Step A: Download the demo version of the software and run it. Click on “Open PST file” from the main window, as shown in Fig A.

Troubleshooting Outlook Errors - Main Window

Fig A: Main Window

Step B: Provide the location of the PST file and then click on “Next”, as displayed in Fig B.

Troubleshooting Outlook Errors - Provide PST file location

Fig B: Provide PST file location

Step C: Select appropriate scan method and provide the location for new PST file to save to. Click “Repair”, as shown in Fig C.

Troubleshooting Outlook Errors - Choose scan method & destination path

Fig C: Choose scan method & destination path

Step D: As shown in Fig D, list of the recovered Outlook attributes is displayed.

Troubleshooting Outlook Errors - List of Recovered Outlook Data

Fig D: List of Recovered Outlook Data

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