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How effective is Scanpst in fixing a corrupt PST file?

The Scanpst.exe is a tool that is bundled with Microsoft Outlook. It is usually represented by a broken envelope icon. This application helps in repairing PST files having minor corruption. It may help you in repairing a PST file and also brings back all your lost emails.

The usage of Scanpst tool is pretty simple and the whole process gets completed in a few steps. Once you run the application, you are presented with a window that requires you to select the PST file that you want to repair. Once the PST file has been selected, it scans the same for errors and tries to fix the PST file. Before starting with the fixing task, it gives you an option to backup all the data on your Outlook. It is always better to take the backup, as avoiding it might prove to be costly if the repair process using Scanpst is not successful. To know more about trouble shooting Outlook errors you can log on to


Scanpst works perfectly fine when the damage to the PST file is not severe. But if the PST file has been damaged severely, chances of getting back data completely are greatly reduced. The process might complete successfully, but you might end up losing some of the Outlook items that were previously present in the PST file. To prevent this from happening it is always better to make use of a Recover Outlook PST software to fix corrupt PST files. This tool not only lets you repair corrupt PST files, but it also lets you rescue your lost emails.

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Though Scanpst and Recover Outlook PST software are meant for the same purpose, there is a considerable difference in their working. Unlike Scanpst, which just fixes the PST file by making changes to the existing PST file, this software creates a new PST file and imports all the necessary data from the corrupted PST file, thereby ensuring safety of the data on the corrupted PST file. There are countless reasons for a PST file to get corrupted and due to which PST data may be deleted or lost without any prior information to you. Some of them are listed below,

  • The major reason for a PST file corruption is due to oversize of PST file.
  • PST file may be damaged due to virus attack.
  • Improper termination of the Outlook application may become the cause of PST file corruption.
  • Sharing of PST file on insecure network may be one of the reason, due to which PST file may become inaccessible.

Whatsoever may be the reason, data from PST file can be rescued, if it is not overwritten. This software is read only software hence chance of data overwriting is completely removed. It can search files in more than 300 different file formats and help you to get them back with utmost ease.


Follow these simple steps while using this software:


Step 1: Install and run the software on your computer, a welcome screen appears as shown in Fig 1. Select “Open PST File” option if you know the location of PST file, or else, use “Find PST file” option.


Usage of Scanpst - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Welcome Screen

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Step 2: The next window will provide the damaged PST file location using “Browse” button and click “Next”, as shown in Fig 2.


Usage of Scanpst - Browse Damaged PST file

Fig 2: Browse Damaged PST file


Step 3: Choose the appropriate scanning method – “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” and provide the destination path where you want to save the new repaired PST file. Click “Repair” to initialize the repair process, as shown in Fig 3.


Usage of Scanpst - Choose a scan method

Fig 3: Choose a scan method


Step 4: After the repair process is finished, list of rescued emails and other attributes is displayed, along with the message confirming the successful repair of PST file. As shown in Fig 4, list is displayed in Outlook-styled interface for easy import of items to Outlook.


Usage of Scanpst - Rescued Outlook attributes List

Fig 4: Rescued Outlook attributes List


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